South Korea (2014)

Yes, I know this was 3 years ago – but I just thought of posting this because it was such a memorable trip!

We went there in January – which was a bad idea because it was one of the coldest months in Korea. I think the temperature went as low as -15 degrees, and I got really sick on the last day. Nonetheless, I still had fun most especially because I got to spend it with my family.

We stayed in Duriworld, we really enjoyed our stay with them. We had free breakfast every day and during the evenings, we order food from different restaurants which were delivered to the hotel! The hotel staff were very accommodating as well.


On our first day, we went to Seoul Tower, however, due to the fog, we decided to not just go inside the tower as we just thought we wouldn’t see any view anyway (and to save money as well). We just took pictures and enjoyed each other’s company.


We also went to Lotte World (we arrived really late so we weren’t really able to experience any of the rides):

On our second day, we went to Hello Kitty Cafe + Cat Living Cafe and Gyeongbokgung Palace.

On the last day, we weren’t really able to go anywhere anymore because we were all really tired and most of us were sick (myself included). Though we all agreed that a quick trip to Bukchon Village wouldn’t hurt much (we were all koreanovelas fans so we couldn’t miss this) – and it was worth it.

I will surely be back – but definitely not during winter. Ha ha.


Singapore (2013)

Aside from Legoland and Universal Studios, part of our itinerary was to go to Singapore Flyer, go on a River City Cruise, go to Orchard Road and Bugis Street to shop!

We tried the Singapore Flyer on our first night, the view was breathtaking! The only thing that made us disappointed was the fact that we could not find the Merlion from the flyer. We always thought the Merlion was big, we were wrong. Ha ha ha!










We also went to a River City Cruise which was just located at Central Mall in Clark Quay! The experience was awesome! I fell in love with Singapore during this 40 minute cruise, I was begging for more. 🙂 The river cruise opens at 4 pm, i suggest you try it during sunset!







We also went to Orchard Road!




We wanted to buy souvenirs and decided to go to Bugis Street! The place was jam packed with people, but can you blame them? The items sold there were really cheap! Here were some of the items I purchased from Bugis!



On our last night, we planned to go at any Hawker Food Center, we went to Lau Pa Sat.





These were the other things we did in Singapore, I hope you enjoyed my blog! I will be blogging about my recent trip to Hong Kong, so stay tuned!

Ocean Park Hong Kong (2012)

Our third day in Hong Kong was spent in Ocean Park. Our initial plan was to leave the hotel at 9 in the morning. However, since we did not get much sleep the night before, we all woke up past 9. We already arrived the park at 11:30 am, such a bummer, I know.

Since, the place we were staying was just 15 steps away from the MTR – Tsim Sha Tsui, we rode the MTR to get to the Admiralty Station. From the Admiralty Station, you will be able to see the City Bus Ocean Park Express (Route 629). We bought our roundtrip ticket and our Ocean Park ticket at the kiosk located at Admiralty Station. (Be careful, people were selling Ocean Park tickets around the area, when we asked the Ocean Park personnel if those were legit, she said the tickets being sold by random people were fake).

So we took the Route 629 going to Ocean Park.

When we got to Ocean Park, we were so happy and excited. We got a bit overwhelmed because the park was just too big. I think its almost twice as big as Disneyland (but even though it was bigger, it was still cheaper compared to Disneyland!)

The Park had two parts: The Waterfront (located near the entrance) and the Summit. To be able to get to the other part, you could either ride the Ocean Express or a Cable Car (which were both free of charge).

We first took a glimpse of The Waterfront Area. Since we arrived a tad too late, we decided to just allot 30 minutes for this part of the park.

Other attractions in the Waterfront area were Whiskers Harbour, Amazing Asian Animals and Old Hong Kong. But since we were really in a hurry, we were not able to really allot a time to go to those place.

We hurriedly went to the Cable Car, which would bring us to the Summit Part (where mostly all the rides were located)



When we got to the second part, the first thing we did is to ride the Ocean Park Tower. It would actually give you a the whole view of the Ocean Park’ Summit.

After that, we decided to have lunch first before we tour around the area. I bought footlong hotdog together with twister fries.

After the meal, we went around the area. We rode the Whirly Birds and the Rev Booster. My sister and cousin both rode the Hair Raiser. I was too coward to try it so I just sat down and waited until they were finish. We also went to the Sea Jelly Spectacular and the Chinese Sturgeon Aquarium. In this part, you could also find: The Rainforest Ride, the Thrill Mountain, The Flash (which looked really scary), The Abyss, The Dragon, The Flying Swing, the Ocean Theatre, The Ferris Wheel and a lot more.

At 5 pm, we were all very tired, even if we have not toured the whole place, we all decided to just ditch Ocean Park and go straight to Mong Kok to shop for souvenirs. I somehow felt bad that we had to leave so early. But can you blame us? Our feet were swelling. 😦

The only thing I did not like about the Ocean Park was that some of it’s attractions have additional charges, unlike other theme parks were the entrance fee is already inclusive of every attraction inside. As much as we wanted to watch the shows, we can’t, because we were on a tight budget and we can’t afford to pay an additional charge anymore. I also thought that the park was too big, going around the different attractions was such a hassle.

All in all, the experience in Ocean Park was so much fun. But if you ask me between Ocean Park and Disneyland… Disneyland has my heart. 🙂