Stonehenge, Bath and Salisbury (2016)

We have booked the tour through Golden Tours and paid GBP 54 per person, which was inclusive of a trip to Stonehenge, Bath and Salisbury. We woke up super early as we had to be at the pick up point / meeting place by 8AM (Golden Tours Victoria Visitor Centre).

I was quite worried with the weather as it was raining really hard during the day – but there’s nothing else we can do and I don’t think it’s still possible to rebook the tickets.

We first went to Stonehenge. It was packed with people (literally), and we couldn’t take decent pictures because of the heavy rain. The stones were also surrounded with barriers so no one can really come close to them – which I totally understand.


Can you see from the pictures how wet we were? It was raining really hard and it so cold. But that’s okay, at least we were lucky to have some pictures without anyone on the background!

We were only there for two hours as the bus needed to get going to the next destination which was the Salisbury Cathedral.

Our last destination was the Bath – we chose not to go inside as according to the boyfriend there was nothing really much to see inside. So we just roamed around the place and took a lot of pictures.

The tour ended at 5 PM and we got back in London City at around 7-8 pm. It was a very tiring trip but I surely had fun!


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