A Quick Trip to Edindurgh, Scotland (2016)

When I visited my boyfriend in London – I knew in my mind it would be a long time since I’ll be coming back again and I just had to make the most of my visit. I told my boyfriend I wanted to go to Edinburgh since it’s part of the UK and we didn’t have to apply for any other visas – and he said yes. We have booked through Easyjet and paid GBP 190 for our roundtrip ticket (already for the two of us) from Gatwick to Edinburgh. We stayed at Novotel Edinburgh Park Hotel and paid only GBP 110 for two nights (It was really cheap!!!) and the train was literally just outside the hotel and it was very easy to go to the city centre – this was the same train we took from the Airport going to the hotel.

When we arrived Edinburgh, it was raining again. And since it was winter when we visited Scotland, the weather was really really cold (a lot colder than London, actually).


We arrived past 12 noon, so we checked in at the hotel first and had some rest then decided to go to the centre to explore the city a bit (just a really quick trip – as the rain just won’t stop pouring).

The next day, we went to Scotch Whiskey Experience (which my boyfriend totally enjoyed) – the tour costs GBP 15 per person. There wasn’t much queue buying the ticket so you don’t really have to purchase the tickets online.

We also availed the Edinburgh Bus Tour and paid GBP 22 per person for a 48 hour hop on – hop off. We basically just went around the city and decide which place we would like to visit and explore more.
We hopped off  at the Edinburgh castle but opted not to go inside anymore as there were a lot of people – also, the view from the outside was already good enough for us – we just enjoyed the scenery.

The trip was really short but I honestly think three days was enough – it was definitely one for the books. If I’ll have the opportunity to come back, I’ll definitely visit Loch Ness and the highlands!




South Korea (2014)

Yes, I know this was 3 years ago – but I just thought of posting this because it was such a memorable trip!

We went there in January – which was a bad idea because it was one of the coldest months in Korea. I think the temperature went as low as -15 degrees, and I got really sick on the last day. Nonetheless, I still had fun most especially because I got to spend it with my family.

We stayed in Duriworld, we really enjoyed our stay with them. We had free breakfast every day and during the evenings, we order food from different restaurants which were delivered to the hotel! The hotel staff were very accommodating as well.


On our first day, we went to Seoul Tower, however, due to the fog, we decided to not just go inside the tower as we just thought we wouldn’t see any view anyway (and to save money as well). We just took pictures and enjoyed each other’s company.


We also went to Lotte World (we arrived really late so we weren’t really able to experience any of the rides):

On our second day, we went to Hello Kitty Cafe + Cat Living Cafe and Gyeongbokgung Palace.

On the last day, we weren’t really able to go anywhere anymore because we were all really tired and most of us were sick (myself included). Though we all agreed that a quick trip to Bukchon Village wouldn’t hurt much (we were all koreanovelas fans so we couldn’t miss this) – and it was worth it.

I will surely be back – but definitely not during winter. Ha ha.

Stonehenge, Bath and Salisbury (2016)

We have booked the tour through Golden Tours and paid GBP 54 per person, which was inclusive of a trip to Stonehenge, Bath and Salisbury. We woke up super early as we had to be at the pick up point / meeting place by 8AM (Golden Tours Victoria Visitor Centre).

I was quite worried with the weather as it was raining really hard during the day – but there’s nothing else we can do and I don’t think it’s still possible to rebook the tickets.

We first went to Stonehenge. It was packed with people (literally), and we couldn’t take decent pictures because of the heavy rain. The stones were also surrounded with barriers so no one can really come close to them – which I totally understand.


Can you see from the pictures how wet we were? It was raining really hard and it so cold. But that’s okay, at least we were lucky to have some pictures without anyone on the background!

We were only there for two hours as the bus needed to get going to the next destination which was the Salisbury Cathedral.

Our last destination was the Bath – we chose not to go inside as according to the boyfriend there was nothing really much to see inside. So we just roamed around the place and took a lot of pictures.

The tour ended at 5 PM and we got back in London City at around 7-8 pm. It was a very tiring trip but I surely had fun!

Harry Potter – Warner Bros Studio Tour (2015)

Harry Potter will always remind me of my childhood, I was only 10 years old when it released its first movie: The Sorcerer’s Stone – and almost all of my classmates got addicted to it (some even memorised the movie lines)! I may not have read all of its books, I actually don’t remember finishing even one book  – but I never missed a Harry Potter movie in cinemas, so yes, I consider myself a fan and I told myself I just have to visit this when I was in London.

We booked our tickets through Golden Tours for GBP 66 per person (this also includes round trip transportation going to the studio from Baker Street).


I got giddy and excited as soon as we arrived. We didn’t waste any time and started our tour as soon as possible. I even saw a lot of kids wearing cloaks – and it was just the most adorable thing ever.

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We spent a little more than 4 hours to tour the place, it was a little bit tiring but it just felt so magical to be here.