Universal Studios Singapore (2013)

Our second day in Singapore was spent in Universal Studios. We woke up at 7 am and left River City Inn at 9:30 am. We used the MRT to go to Harbourfront MRT station where Vivo City Mall was located. There were three ways to go to Universal Studios from Vivo City: by Sentosa Express MTR (which was an MRT located inside the mall), by Cable Car or by Bus. We opted to ride the Sentosa Express MRT which was priced at SGD3.50 per person per day, the price was inclusive of unlimited ride going to the three different stations of Sentosa:


20130227-222111.jpgUniversal Studios was located in Waterfront Station. Aside from Universal Studios, Resorts World was also located here.



20130227-223202.jpgThe price of one day admission in Universal Studios was SGD74 per person, there was an additional fee if your want to avail the express. Fortunately, we got our tickets at a lower rate from River City Inn. The famous Universal Studios globe was located just before the entrance, we spent about an hour taking pictures of the Globe… It was love.



20130227-223843.jpg The Park was actually divided into 7 parts: Hollywood, New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, The Lost World, Far Far Away and Madagascar. the Hollywood was the first part to be seen inside USS. Souvenir Stores and Restaurants were located in this area, this was where we saw Pou of Kung Fu Panda, he was too cute and cuddly, we just had to take a picture with him.



20130227-230208.jpgBefore we roam around the other 6 parts of USS, we had our lunch first at Hollywood China Bistro located near the entrance, we ordered a set meal which was priced at around SGD20.



The first thing we wanted to do was to watch the Monster Rock in Hollywood Theatre, located in New York. It was very entertaining, I was actually smiling while watching the whole show. As much as I wanted to take pictures of the monsters singing Pop and Rock songs, cameras were not allowed inside the theatre; as a remembrance, we just took pictures right after the show.

20130228-223618.jpgWhile we were walking along New York, we got surprised by these group of boys singing in front of us. New York was definitely a place to stroll around and take pictures of different sights. It was also where Lights Camera Action by Steven Spielberg was located, you would be entering a small studio designed like a boat house, special effects will be used to make you feel like an actual typhoon was happening; it was awesome!






Our next stop was the Sci-Fi City where the Transformer 4D ride and the Roller Coasters (human and cylone) were located. I definitely recommend the Transformer 4D!




From the Sci-Fi City, we went to Ancient Egypt. We rode Revenge of the Mummy roller coaster ride, it was an indoor roller coaster and the lights were turned off, basically you would not be seeing how high the roller coaster was. It was definitely fun. The queue was long but definitely worth waiting for. However, if you could not wait longer, you could always go to the single journey line.


Then we went to The Lost World where we rode the Jurassic Park Rapids, the line was so long, we had to wait for more than an hour before it was our turn. I think there was nothing that extraordinary about the ride. Since we got really tired, we decided to ditch the other attractions in that part.

The Far Far Away Land was so amazing, I actually felt like I was in the Shrek film. Attractions in this area include Donkey Live Show and Shrek 4D Movie.







The last part of USS was Madagascar. Since we were already tired, we just decided to try one ride in this area before we leave the park, which was the Crate Adventure.

By the time we finished going around the whole park, it was already past 7pm, and before we leave USS, we decided to take last look of the Globe.

Universal Studios Singapore was definitely the best park I have been to…yet. I hope I’ll get the chance to go to other Universal Studios around the world, someday! 🙂


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