Disneyland, Hongkong (2012)

We went to Disneyland on our second day in Hongkong. We first rode the MTR at Tsim Sha Tsui station going to Nam Cheong station. From there, we interchanged to MTR Tung Cung Line that would bring us to Sunny Bay station. From Sunny Bay station, we rode the Disneyland Resort Line.

I liked the Disneyland Resort Line. There were a lot of hidden mickeys inside. It was actually an MTR specially made for people going to Disneyland.

Hong Kong Disneyland was just a small park, you could actually tour the whole in half a day. However, since this is our first time to visit Disneyland(ANY), we decided to allot the whole day to tour the Park and to watch the Fireworks Show at 8:30 PM.

The Park had 5 parts: The Main Street USA, The Adventure Land, the Toy Story Land (which was the newest addition to the park), the Fantasy Land and the Tomorrowland.

When you go inside the Park, the first part you will be seeing is the Mainstreet USA. This was where the Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad was located. This Railroad will tour you around the entire Park. (So to people who are not used to too much walking, I recommend you to try this one). Aside from the Railroad, this part was where mostly all the shops were located! So many souvenir items to choose from! I actually could not decided which to buy.

From the Main Street USA, we went to Adventureland. Some of the attractions in this area were the Festival of the King (which we were not able to watch), Tarzan’s Treehouse, and Jungle River Cruise.

We decided to go to Tarzan’s Treehouse, to access the place, we rode the rafts!

After that, we went to Toystory Land. We saw Jessy and Woody, but unfortunately, we were not able to take pictures with them (prolly next time ;)) In this area, you would see the RC Racer Ride. The ride looked really scary, we skipped it and just tried the Slinky Dog Spin. Which was just okay.

By the time we finished touring the Toy Story Land it was already past two. Since the parade would start at 3:30pm, we decided to take a rest, have snacks and look for a location with a good view of the parade.

After watching the parade, we continued the tour and went to the Fantasyland. The Fanstasyland was my favourite part. I enjoyed the “Its a Small World” boat ride and “Mickey’s PhilharMagic” 3D adventure. It was nostalgic. I felt like I was back to being 6 years old. It was just wonderful.

We also watched “The Golden Mickey’s”, which was also located at the Fantasyland.

Last but not the least, was the Tomorrowland. Some of the atrractions in this part were Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster and UFO Zone. We tried “Stitch Encounter”. It was pretty cool. We got to talk to Experiment 626, aka STITCH. He was so cute!

We finished touring the whole park at 8:00PM, we were just in time to relax and watch the fireworks.

The whole experience in Hong Kong Disneyland was really memorable. It was a tiring day but everything was worth it.. i’m definitely coming back! 🙂


Cafe 360 Macau (2012)

When we went to Macau, we decided to try Cafe 360 located in the Macau Tower. It was a buffet lunch that costs around MOP 228 or roughly about P1,500.00 per person. It is a rotating cafe; you’ll get to see everything in Macau for 2 hours. It’s definitely a must try! 🙂

My sister and I were so excited when we got there, we were even shouting and could not decide what to eat first. we took pictures of the food the cafe has to offer! Here are some of the pictures, Enjoy! 😉

Everything looked so delicious right? Hihihi. I was really overwhelmed with all the food and sights!

If ever I get a chance to go back to Macau, I’ll definitely go back to Cafe 360. It was love.